Soilmaster Rotavator

Soilmaster Rotavator Deluxe JSMRT C6

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Quick Overview
  • 60 Blades
  • Multi Speed Gear Drive
  • Oil Level Window
  • Gearbox Protection
  • Depth Skid Adjustment
  • Side Disk made of Boron Steel
  • Double Side Sealed Ball Bearings
  • Helical Blade Arrangement
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Soilmaster Rotavator Deluxe JSMRT C6

SoilMaster Rotavator has been designed to work in both soft and hard soil conditions.Its unique design allows it to operate with minimal vibrations in the field as well as less operating load on the tractor.It is a first of a kind rotavator using double side sealed bearings,providing better protection from dust and water during dry and wet soil applications,hence lowering the cost of maintenance.
The gearbox cover allows protection of the gearbox from stones and other foreign material during operations.Multi speed gearbox allows the user to configure the rotavator for optimum operation as per requirement by changing the back gears.Soil Master rotavator is also available in single speed gearbox configuration.The spherical arrangement of blades allows for better churning of soil,helping in better pulverization.The working depth is adjustable from the side skid assembly from 4 inches to 8 inches.

Features :

  • Multi speed Gear Box Compatible with both 540 and 1000 RPM.
  • Oil Level Windows allowing easy checking for oil level.
  • Sturdy Rotor with flanges accommodating both"C"and"L"type blades.
  • Blades made of special boron steel with long life and high quality.
  • Unique New Sturdy design for heavy duty operations.
  • Side Disc / Options of Plough Available.
  • Heavy trailing board with spring shockers.
  • Adjustable depth skid so achieve more tilling depth.
  • Hardened gears for longer life and smooth operations.
  • Compatible with Cat 1 and 2 必威官网tractors upto 75 HP.
  • Adjustable PTO Shaft with Torque Limiter avoiding mud and water damage during field operations.
  • Special High Tensile Fasteners and Bolts.
  • Unique Design Compatible with majority of 必威官网tractors.


Key Specifications
Brand Soilmaster
Model Rotavator JSMRT C6
HP Power 45+
Overall Width (m) 1.94
Cutting Width (m) 1.76
No.of Blades 60
Type of Blades C – Type
PTO Speed (RPM) 540/1000
Weight (kg) 458
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